Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Bellame Review

Is Bellame a pyramid scheme?Or possibly a con?

So,this is actually the question you want answer from google?

Don't worry. In this review we are going to share each and all facets of the mlm company.

Now,let me guess reasons why you're here..

There may be two reasons.

First one is that someone approached you and sell Bellame's products to you and you want to know whether their quality is good or not.

The next one is that someone suggested one to generate income with this specific mlm company and said that you may make enough money to pay your bills and exist with financial freedom.

Let's speak about facts now?

What's Bellame ?

Bellame first debuted in 2016 and operate beneath the personal care of the MLM or multi-level marketing industry. They're based somewhere in California and are led by founders Melissa and Scott Thompson.

Melissa Thompson has quite the history in the MLM space and based on her LinkedIn profile, she started all the way in 1999 when she joined Avon. She caused the company until 2007 and moved to Belcorp for a short 10-month stint.

Then after Belcorp, she jumped right back in Avon for a couple more years and then moved to a different MLM company called Mana in 2014.

In 2015, she moved to Stella and Dot. Then in 2016, she was designated as chief marketing officer for Astoria Company, a company that Scott Thompson founded in 2010 and continues to be a CEO of.

Bellame launched in 2017 with Melissa Thompson because the CEO.


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Is Bellame Suggested?

If I was really into the beauty and skincare industry, then maybe I would give Bellame Review a try.

But I'm not… And not because I'm some guy but because my skin is awesome by itself hehe

Jokes aside, I'm pretty sure that should you your research, you may be able to find more reputable and credible MLM companies on the market, with a greater selection of products, along with a much better compensation plan.

To inform you the facts, personally, I'm generally not very keen on MLMs in general.

  • The success rate of the affiliates is awfully low
  • They are extremely volatile
  • You need to invest a ton of money, time, and energy until you manage to create a profit (if you ever actually make a profit)
  • And a lot of them concentrate on recruiting people instead of pushing an actual valuable and beneficial product or service in retail

Plus, in order to generate income with the MLM enterprize model, you'll probably need certainly to become a sleazy salesperson and I must say i hate selling as much as I hate being sold to.

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Bellame Review

Is Bellame a pyramid scheme?Or possibly a con? So,this is actually the question you want answer from google? Don't worry. In this review...